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a higher level of quality

Food supplements and body gels manufactured by Eytelia are formulated from raw materials from the best European suppliers. All its products offer quality and safety respecting the latest European regulations.

Being certified as ISO 22000 , EYTELIA is the only company in the sector of food supplements based on Silicon to be able to guarantee a System of food safety management recognised internationally. The ISO 22000 standard includes both the application of the HACCP method and the ISO 9001 standard. Thus, its objective is the control of risks (HACCP) and the search for ongoing improvement (ISO 9001).

What are the benefits of the ISO 22000 standard?
• Ensure safe products are placed on the market while responding to regulatory expectations of the monitoring authorities
• Validate and enhance our commitment to our customers and consumers but also with our partners and distributors, who have an additional guarantee of quality by choosing our products
• Put in place an internal management tool that performs well which allows us to continuously improve our performance in terms of food safety, to gain transparency and train our staff according to specific requirements

demonstrable effects

Efficacy studies have helped to highlight the effects of the bio-activated Organic Silicon on our body.

Thus, a bio-availability study has shown the assimilation of the Bio-Activated Organic Silicon by our body, as well as its entry
even within the cells.

Significant effects of bio-activated Organic Silicon have been highlighted at the level of the skin by an induction of the synthesis of collagen and elastin, a stimulation of the mitotic index and an increase in the content in CD44 antigen (hyaluronic acid receptor).

Elsewhere, very good results have been obtained with bio-activated Organic Silicon on articular health and on the improvement of daily well-being in general. Metabonomic data have also shown an effect of the bio-activated Organic Silicon
on energy metabolism.