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Our line of hair products strengthens, nourishes the roots and prevents dandruff. With its unique formula, it stimulates hair growth by nourishing the entire length of the hair. It restores strength and elasticity and improves the structure of your hair. It restores softness and shine. 
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+ Bioavailable Silicium
Biotin & Zinc


Unique formula based on Bioactivated Siliciun, Biotin and Zinc. Zinc and biotin contribute to maintain  normal and healthy hair.

After few weeks, your hair will thank you.




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+ Mesoporosil®

Keratin & Ovoderm®

The food supplement specially formulated for the health and beauty hair. For strong, shiny and resilient hair. Riche in active active ingredients.



INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Turn the bottle on time before use. Take in the morning on an empty stomach: 45ml/day for the first week (starter effect) then 15ml/day. Store at room temperature, out of the sun. Avoid prolonged contact with the glass.


INGREDIENTS (per 15ml):

Purified water, Stabiliser : Xylitol ; Silicic Acid (monomer) (43,8mg incl. Silicium 13mg), Stinging nettle (leaves) - Urtica dioïca (1,125mg), Biotin (7,5μg - 15% RI1), Zinc gluconate (11,1mg incl. Zinc 1,5mg - 15% RI1), Grapefruit tree (seed and pulp) -  Citrus maxima (Burm.) Merr. (0,6mg), Flavourings, Stabiliser : Phosphoric acid ; Sweetener  : Steviol glycosides (Stevia extract). 1Reference intake.

Available in 500ml & 1000ml

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE : 1 capsule per day, to be taken with a glass of water.



Kératine 150mg, Ovoderm® (Membrane de coquille d’oeuf*) 100mg, Agent de charge (Cellulose microcrystalline), Antiagglomérant (Carbonate de calcium), Stabilisant (Acétate de calcium), Acide L-ascorbique (Vitamine C: 50mg - 63% AR), Mesoporosil® (Dioxyde de silicium) (Silicium:14mg), Bisglycinate de zinc (Zinc: 5mg - 50% AR), L-sélénométhionine (Sélénium: 11μg), Biotine (Biotine: 10μg - 20% AR), Antiagglomérant (Stéarate de magnésium) (AR: Apport de référence).*Allergène

Available in 30 capsules

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