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Highly soluble
Builds collagen
Branded ingredient
Highest bioavailability
Fast absorption & longer activity

Our natural innovative branded ingredient produced from patented process.
A Highly soluble amorphous mesoporous silica with unique bioavailability properties supported by studies.
A branded ingredient dedicated to food supplements and cosmetics usage.
A ingredient that frees Silicium and/or entraps molecules.
The Solid silica with highest amount of bioavailable Silicium

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* Gastro-intestinal transit



Silicium is implicated in collagen synthesis, skin, hair and nails health. Thanks to its bonds with collagen, elastin, keratin, and proteoglycans, silicium contributes to the architecture, strength, durability and elasticity of connective tissues.




Innovation by EYTELIA
Compliance (colorless/tasteless 

All avantages of silicium in 1 tablet
1 tablet = your healthy dose
No Side effects

Efficiency : stimulate, rebuild and 
repair connective tissue
Improves : mobility, flexibility 
and beauty.
Recommended for sporty people,  
osteo-arthritic patients, anti-aging.



For more information, please contact our Sil'innov laboratory

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