The FIRST highly 




a branded ingredient dedicated to food supplements and cosmetics

Branded ingredient by EYTELIA


- Our natural innovative branded ingredient produced from patented process.

- A Highly soluble amorphous mesoporous silica with unique bioavailability properties supported by studies.

- A branded ingredient dedicated to food supplements and cosmetics usage.

- A ingredient that frees Ortho Silicic Acid and/or entraps molecules.

- The Solid silica with highest amount of bioavailable Silicium.



> Innovation by EYTELIA
> Compliance (colorless/tasteless 

> All avantages of silicium in 1 tablet
> 1 tablet = your healthy dose
> No Side effects

> Efficiency : stimulate, rebuild and 
   repair connective tissue
> Improves : mobility, flexibility 
   and beauty.
> Recommended for sporty people,  
  osteo-arthritic patients, anti-aging.


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MESOPOROSIL is made from aerosol-assisted self-assembly process using a surfactant from natural Biosource at the template.


MESOPOROSIL is capable of releasing a large amount of highly bioavailable Orthosilicic acid when ingested.