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How to improve aspect of surgical scars by a preventing or post-surgery approach?

Elasticity, aspect, color, irritation of scars depends of skin biomechanical properties. You can easily improve with a specific simple cosmetic approach the final aspect of you scars.

The general Surgery or esthetical surgery often generate scars. The final aspect of scars is individual. Surgeons try to limit the risk of inaesthetic scars. However, the proper preparation of the skin can promote both the speed of healing and the final appearance of the scar.

Silicium is well known for its ability to stimulate the renewal of connective tissue and more particularly for its beneficial effect on skin hydration and the improvement of its suppleness. Recently, studies have been carried out to verify the beneficial impact of silicon on certain aspects of scars.

A cosmetic formula that combines the properties of silicium with those of other well-known active ingredients such as Arnica, Helichrysum, Simmondsia, etc. demonstrates excellent product tolerance with a real improvement in the appearance of scars.

Consumers were all ready to make it a product of choice.


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