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Need a desinfecting gel? Choose wisely

Today's health situation requires us to be more vigilant about hand hygiene than ever before, but this is not without consequences....

The daily and repeated use of hydro-alcoholic gels is very effective for hand disinfection, particularly to protect against bacteria and viruses. However, hands often suffer from these gels (feeling of dehydration, irritation, dryness, redness).

Silicium is well known for its capacity to stimulate the renewal of connective tissue and more particularly about its beneficial effects on skin hydration and the improvement of skin suppleness. Recent studies have shown the beneficial impact of associating Silicium and hydro-alcoholic solutions.

The concomitant use of Silicium and Hydro-Alcoholic Gel showed an excellent tolerance to the product with no dehydration and skin irritation phenomena.

Consumers were all ready to make it a product of choice !

The test panel shows that 90% of respondends would use our gel for long term thanks to its unique formulation, «hard on viruses, soft on hands».

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